Mary Jeanne Serafin


Project Manager

Mary Jeanne has a story for everything, or so she says! With a background that includes experience in nursing administration, labor relations, quality management and hospital administration, she has gathered many stories during her career. Before she started work for AHCI in 2014, she worked with the Pennsylvania public behavioral health system. During her time with them, she helped to implement the Medicaid-managed care program for behavioral health, and also helped in the closure of several state mental hospitals. At AHCI, Mary Jeanne monitors behavioral health and substance abuse services that are offered to the inmates of the Allegheny County Jail. In addition to being fascinated with the way the mind works, Mary Jeanne loves finding creative solutions to problems and believes that with enough time and effort, a solution can eventually be found for a problem. Her approach to problem solving is definitely an inspiration to us all!

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