Brandi Phillips


Board Advisor, Former CEO

Brandi always aspired to change the world. A big task to take on, of course – but over time she realized that this goal isn’t always accomplished through sweeping gestures. Instead, she began focusing on helping one person at a time. Her path at AHCI began in the finance department in 1999: after assuming the role of CEO in 2014, Brandi worked with the staff to support counties, providers, individuals and family members within the region’s community behavioral health system to identify issues, analyze trends, and assist in solving problems. In October 2022, Brandi transitioned from CEO into a Board Advisor role to continue to provide insight and expertise during AHCI’s closure process.

Prior to her tenure at AHCI, she worked in healthcare finance as well as primary care physician practice management/operations. Brandi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Public Policy from Syracuse University as well Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University.

Outside of the office, Brandi is a certified yoga instructor and has found how significantly her regular practice brings strength, calm, and peace to her mind and body.

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