Bonnie Palmieri


Recovery Coordinator

Bonnie started her work for AHCI in 2012, and works to advance adult-focused recovery in Beaver County. She believes that people can overcome difficulties and still do well in life when they “run with their strengths.” Bonnie does outreach, both in person and as webmaster of the Beaver County System of Care website. She shares and maintains the latest announcements, news, and links to resources for local viewers. Bonnie plans and organizes an annual Wellness Walk/Ice Cream Social for Mental Health Month every May and an annual Art Exhibit for Recovery Month every September. Her personal interests include healthy eating for a healthier life, interior design, and making hand-painted crafts. A fan of humor, Bonnie uses it as an ice-breaker in many situations – meaning that between her ability to engage others in conversation, the support she offers, and the amazing work she does, Bonnie can usually make others smile while helping them to find the important services that they need!

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